Crossing the Threshold

preparing to step through the veil


Death is a word that tends to startle and terrify, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Outside of birth it is the one thing every living being shares in common. Like any journey we embark upon, the more prepared we are for it the less we have to fear.

This is what we do. We help you prepare for this journey though the threshold into whatever is waiting. We can help you with advance directives, funeral planning, and legacy work. We will work with you and your loved ones to prepare for sitting vigil with you as the door begins to open. We can help you and them write and prepare rituals that can accompany you on your journey. 


Justin Thornburgh


Justin’s journey began when he was just a little child and attended the funeral of his babysitter’s husband. From that day until now, Justin has been living knowing that death is the final doorway. That sense of memento mori has allowed him the ability to peer through the veil and know the beauty that can accompany death and dying. 

He has served as an ordained clergy person for nearly a decade and has accompanied many of his parishioners on their final journeys. Many times on those journeys he saw panic as loved ones were confronted with a deluge of unplanned for paperwork and even being taken advantage of by unscrupulous ‘professionals.’ Through these encounters and his own experience at the time of his own dad’s death it became clear that people could use a guide during this journey.