OPENING the door

Our lives are a series of thresholds: each an entry into a new reality. My name is Justin Thornburgh (he/him). I am a death doula and it is my calling to accompany you as you approach that final threshold from life into death.

Thresholds are magical places. One writer says:

Thresholds are the space between, when we move from one time to another, as in the threshold of dawn to day or of dusk to dark; one space to another, as in times of inner or outer journeying or pilgrimage; and one awareness to another, as in times when our old structures start to fall away and we begin to build something new. The Celts describe thresholds as ‘thin times or places’ where heaven and earth are closer together and the veil between worlds is thin.

It is my gift and my calling to journey with you into these thin places and accompany you as you cross the next threshold.



What We Offer

This journey to the threshold has many twists and turns along the way. Some of these are as easy as stepping over a fallen log, and others are as daunting as exploring a cave for the first time. I am here to help you navigate your own journey.

Advance Directive and funeral Planning

From POAs to Living Wills to DNRs-what do these all mean? What is a green funeral, a home funeral, cremation? Can I supply my own coffin? These and many other questions can come up as we begin preparing for our journey. I can help you understand the ins and outs of these questions and be your guide as you plan the journey the way YOU WANT to plan your journey.

Legacy Work

Our life is a journey, and there are many milestones along the way. Things learned. Things grown. Things that you want to pass along to those still making their way along the path. I can help you in creating a legacy project for your loved ones that will share the wisdom you’ve gained on your journey.

Final Plans

We all want to be surrounded by those who love us when your journey comes to an end. I can help you and your loved ones plan for those final days and the moments after you’ve died and crossed through the threshold. From planning the sitting of vigil to caregiver rest and the planning of rituals   or just curating a playlist, I am here to walk with you.

You can click here for more information about our services, including scheduling and pricing.

Other Services

We cross thresholds throughout our lives, and those moments should be held closely. I offer other services to commemorate these milestones as well from officiating weddings and funerals to blessing your home or even a new car.

I also focus on death education for individuals and groups as well as communal healing and grief practices.

I’d be happy to discuss any other ideas you may have.